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Türk Telekom

About Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom is the largest integrated telecommunications company in Turkey and boasts an expertise that comes with 175 years in the business. In 2015, the company adopted a “customer-oriented” integrated structure in order to respond to the rapidly changing communication and technological needs of customers in the most powerful and accurate way, merging the products and services of Türk Telekom, Avea and TTNET under a single roof. In January 2016, it began providing services under the Türk Telekom brand.

Türk Telekom offers mobile, fixed voice, broadband and TV services as a “Quadruple Player of Turkey” at one-stop shop. The company has restructured its products and services in “Consumer” and “Corporate” business units with a customer-oriented approach. Besides reaching out to the most distant corners of Turkey with its widespread service network, Türk Telekom has a rich product range within the scope of its mobile, fixed voice, broadband and TV services. Moreover, Türk Telekom offers IT Consulting service with Innova, IT product and software services with Argela, call center services with AssisTT, educational content with Sebit, as well as wholesale data and capacity services with Türk Telekom International – all of which are group companies. With the vision of introducing new technologies to Turkey and accelerating the transformation of Turkey into an information society, Türk Telekom provides services in all 81 of the country’s provinces with its team of more than 34,000 employees.

Undertaking an important role in the access to information for societies, Türk Telekom has been providing information technologies, the main driving force for sustainable economic growth and community development, to all corners of Turkey. With the products and services it has developed, it contributes to the access to information of all segments of society who cannot participate in social life due to economic, social or physical reasons. With this understanding, it has been conducting dozens of projects to eliminate obstacles for disadvantaged groups starting from the “Life is Simpler with Internet” project, which promotes internet use and has been commended by the United Nations, to the “Günışığı” project, which is designed to provide support to individuals with limited eyesight, providing them the opportunity to live self-confident, independent lives.

Türk Telekom continues to work with the vision of making Turkey an important player in the global arena with its strength originating from its roots, experience and face toward the future. The aim is to make Turkey a digital hub on a global platform in which national and international internet traffic will be routed through Turkey in a fashion similar to the transportation, energy and finance industries.

Partnership structure

55% of Türk Telekom shares belongs to Oger Telecommunications Inc., while 30% belongs to the Turkish Republic Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of the Treasury. The remaining 15% share is public.

Türk Telekom shares have been traded on Borsa İstanbul (BİST) since May 2008.

Türk Telekom also owns mobile operator Avea, broadband operator TTNET, 100% of convergence technologies company Argela, IT solution provider Innova, online education software company Sebit, call center company AssisTT, wholesale data and capacity service provider Türk Telekom International, as well as other subsidiaries.