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As Turkey's largest educational technologies company, Sebit has been developing educational solutions lauded both domestically and internationally since its establishment. Developing national and international educational solutions designed to deliver social benefit and meet the individual needs of students, Sebit has made numerous groundbreaking achievements in Turkey with its 250 employees working in offices located in Arizona, USA and Ankara, Turkey.

Sebit is one of the main players -in Turkey and worldwide- of the transformation objective in the education sector, with the company’s vision of "IT Supported Interactive Education." Offered since 1998, the company’s product and service portfolio, initially marketed under the Akademia brand subsequently branded Vitamin, has been a driving force of continuous development in this field.

Sebit has significantly contributed to the advancement of Turkish education through its products and is proud to be behind the development of numerous firsts. These include Turkey's first Computer Assisted Education application, the first numerical video application in education, the first 3-D animation application, the first 2-D educational game, the first 3-D educational game - Piri the Explorer Ship and the first educational search engine.

FATİH Project moves forward
Having joined Türk Telekom Group in 2007, Sebit leverages the Group’s synergy to contribute to educational development in Turkey. Through newly designed education related services, the company plans to deploy mobile information and internet technologies to bring equal opportunities in learning and remove the obstacles to participative education.

In 2013, the company’s products became compatible with the 4+4+4 system implemented by the Ministry of National Education and upgrades were made in 2014. Work in the pilot schools of the FATİH Project continued with success. The first classroom management application, which runs on Win8 Tablets, "V-Sınıf" continued to be used in a FATİH Project pilot school and in the private schools of Çınar Kolejleri.

A pioneer in educational technologies
With innovative and effective use of technology, Sebit powers ahead towards becoming a global leader in educational technologies, boasting 26 years of R&D experience and an international organizational structure. The products developed by the company are marketed in five countries.

Work on Sebit’s cloud based educational technology VCloud, which started in 2013, continued in 2014, especially in the integrated 1-1 education solution category. The platform started to provide benefits toward meeting the managerial and educational needs of students, teachers and administrators, as well as in areas such as collaboration, communication and governance.

Pilot applications for the VCloud service were carried out in Turkey, Lithuania, South Africa, Azerbaijan, the US and Mexico in collaboration with Microsoft. Sebit was named one of the top five in the Best Content Providers in the World category, and also received numerous other international awards that boost the company’s commitment and motivation while providing concrete proof of its achievements.