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31 August 2016 dated Türk Telekom Regulatory Disclosure - Türk Telekom CEO Rami Aslan's decision to leave his position


Rami Aslan decided to leave Türk Telekom CEO position which he held since December 10, 2013. Aslan will continue serving in the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of Türk Telekom in addition to his CEO and Board member role at Oger Telecom. Rami Aslan will continue to serve as CEO at Türk Telekom until a new appointment is made.

Rami Aslan who has been holding various posts since 2005 at Oger Group was appointed as Oger Telecom CEO in 2011 and Türk Telekom CEO in 2013. Rami Aslan accomplished important achievements towards the target of value creation by Türk Telekom with innovative solutions at global standards and leading the digital transformation in Turkey.

Türk Telekom Chairman Mohammed Hariri said Rami Aslan successfully managed to carry out the transformation and integration at Türk Telekom and brought the company to a level which is shown as an example in the world. Hariri commented, 'Rami Aslan led Türk Telekom successfully since 2013. He successfully completed the strong transformation and integration of companies and brands in a significantly short period of time compared to global benchmarks. Aslan integrated Türk Telekom under a single brand and made it a stronger brand. He pioneered investments in mobile and fixed communication infrastructure with his leadership skills and visionary approach; and made Türk Telekom a company which sets example to other players in the world. We would like to thank him for his self-denying efforts.'

Türk Telekom independent Board member and Turkish Presidency General Secretary Fahri Kasırga thanked Rami Aslan for his contributions in the development of telecommunication services in Turkey. Kasırga said, 'Rami Aslan achieved important successes in making sure that Türk Telekom has more dynamic and efficient structure. Türk Telekom, an invaluable asset for our country, moved on its direction, under the leadership of Rami Aslan as a company who creates more value to our country and nation, who left the infrastructure problems behind, and an enterprise shown as an example in its field.'