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Interest In Computer Aided Education Have Doubled In 2011


According to the data obtained from 1.3 million students by Vitamin -Turkey’s most comprehensive and content-rich education support service, interest in computer aided education have doubled in three years. With regard to the research carried out by the producer of Vitamin, Sebit, in 2011 each student spent 39 minutes on average in Vitamin, which presents a rise of 105 percent in 3 years when compared to the respective figure of 19 minutes in 2008.

Having 24 years of experience in education technologies, Sebit, now a 100% Türk Telekom affiliate, undersigned the most comprehensive Computer Aided Education (CAE) study in Turkey. According to the results of the study carried out to survey the interest in CAE and studying trends, students use computer and internet intensely for educational purposes.

Students who enjoy 3 dimensional and interactive content of Vitamin studied for over 4 million hours, engaged in more than 70 million interactive activities, experiments and animations solely in the year of 2011. Through the use of smart assessment and evaluation system of Vitamin, students find out their deficiencies in detail and immediately access relevant content. In this context tens of thousands of questions in Vitamin were solved approximately 60 million times in 2011.