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Fans Of Social Media Given a New Way to Reinvent Themselves With Just Launched Avatarium App


A new iPhone application which allows social media users to create a lifelike and interactive animated avatar of their own has just been launched by telecoms solutions company Argela. With the Avatarium application, users can upload a photo of themselves in order to create a 3D model of their face and upper torso. They can then play around with the computer generated image, making it smile or frown or add accessories such as necklaces or hats as well as placing their avatar against a backdrop of their choice.

Thanks to the newly developed technology, users will even be able to upload audio recordings of their voices, or choose from a user generated library of pre-recorded sound bites in order to make their avatars talk.

Argela hopes that the avatars will then be used in conjunction with existing social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as a new and playful way for people to send messages and interact with their friends and colleagues. Users will also be able to upload pictures of their friends or favourite celebrities in order to create and share fun videos.

vailable to download from the App Store, Avatarium is expected to have many uses in the future. CEO of Argela, Bülent Kaytaz said, “We believe people will use this feature for having some fun; either by putting their own avatar videos or by sharing those of their friends, loved ones or celebrities. We aim to have people use the application for fun and let it spread on social media. However there will also be extended use cases such as news reporting, lecturing or fashion based e-commerce.”

For fashion fans, the solution can be used to try clothing or accessories on an animated avatar to see how the garments look without actually trying them on. Argela hopes that the launch of Avatarium will open up future collaborations with fashion companies which will extend the use of the technology.