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Türk Telekom Mobile (TTM) is the mobile operations of Türk Telekom Group abroad.


Innova, is a pioneering company in the field of information solutions and services, established in 1999.


Having commenced activities in 2004, Argela produces innovative technologies and new generation solutions for telecom operators.


55% of Türk Telekom shares belongs to Ojer Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. and 30% belongs to Turkish Treasury. The remaining 15% is publicly traded. Türk Telekom shares are listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange since May 2008.


Türk Telekom International is a leading alternative telecommunication operator in the CEE region and Turkey.


A 100% owned Türk Telekom subsidiary, AssisTT is a Customer Services & Call Center company. Established in November 2007, AssisTT offers more than traditional call center functions by generating data for the sales and marketing activities of its customers in the sector.


SEBIT continues its journey, begun in 1988, with the synergy gained from joining the Türk Telecom Group in 2007, by contributing to the improvement of education in Turkey through the innovative and effective use of technology.


Cyberia is a regional Internet Service provider with operations in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan. Cyberia has its headquarters in Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has experienced great success in providing Internet Services for the region.


Cell C is the fastest growing mobile network in South Africa, offering a wide range of products and services, including voice, data and messaging services to more than 13-million customers. Cell C's market-leading products and services are supported by its highly advanced network which covers more than 98% of the South African population.


Euroweb Romania is one of the important players from the Romanian telecommunications sector. Since 2010, the main shareholder of Euroweb Romania SA is TT International Holdings BV, part of Türk Telekom group.