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Working At Oger

We consider our employees as our most valuable asset. In the light of Oger Telecom’s mission and vision, our Human Resources strategy is to afford our employees an environment that is conducive to professional growth, personal challenge and skill development. We encourage our staff to adopt an awareness of the world well beyond their professional mandates, to embrace best practices from affairs that are not necessarily related, draw inspiration from unfamiliar territory, and employ creative thinking even where the treatment to a problem has gone unchallenged for more time than can be remembered.

We believe that, by virtue of our industry, our geographies, and the technology issues of the day, Oger Telecom employees are exposed to initiatives and strategies that are interesting to think up and even more interesting to implement. Most importantly, our employees are rewarded by being part of a multidisciplinary team that work on diverse work streams spanning across commercial, financial, operational, technical, regulatory, legal and policy spheres, to name just a few. And we are strong believers in collaboration across specialties, in conversations between offices and the exchange of ideas that facilitate seeing a problem through multiple lenses.

  • Caliber of Professionals – We seek to hire and retain the top talent, as well as persons who show competence and enthusiasm to grow into their roles.
  • Work Environment – We believe our employees are entitled to an environment that is comfortable and professional, provides them with the resources they require to perform their jobs with ease, and strives for a diversity of viewpoints.
  • Training – We take on the job training seriously, both through mentorship and also through guided exposure to the actual demands of our business from the get-go. We also facilitate formal professional training where suitable for a change or increase in responsibility.
  • Career Development – We systematically consider the growth prospects of our employees and seek to facilitate their advancement within the group.
  • Career Opportunities – if interested in joining the Oger Telecom team, please send your resume and cover letter to
  • Internships - Oger Telecom also offers summer internship programs in line with the needs of its business units, typically between July and September. Internship applicants are invited to send their resume and cover letter to