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Cyberia is a regional Internet Service provider with operations in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan. Cyberia has its headquarters in Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has experienced great success in providing Internet Services for the region. Cyberia is owned by Oger Telecom, a fixed-line, mobile and internet services telecom operator with over 40 million customers under management. The Saudi Telecom Company owns 35% of Oger Telecom.

In 2006, Cyberia announced 25% ownership in Abdali Communications Company (ACC), the telecommunications arm of Abdali Investment and Development which is developing a huge complex in Abdali – Amman’s new downtown. ACC will be the first company in Jordan and the region to have Triple Play ready infrastructure for the provision of telephony, Internet and video services through fibers going into the heart of the homes and offices.

Strong belief in the idea behind Cyberia

At a time when other providers were serving either the corporate market or the consumer, Cyberia saw the Internet as a medium that should be used to attract the largest possible audience. As such, the Company set out to understand what the mass market wanted and developed services that caters to home users as well as solutions that can best service the enterprise market and ensure utmost availability and reliability.

Focus On Customer Needs

Cyberia studied the profiles of its targeted customers and tailored its human and technical infrastructure to offer products and services that specifically met customers’ needs. The Company found out that demand was for simple, reliable and affordable service, three factors that drove Cyberia’s future decisions. This allowed the Company to combine all its resources to create a unique Internet experience that has succeeded in attracting a wide audience of individuals and businesses.

Services Based On Original And Scalable Ideas

Cyberia designed a scalable network and applications that can offer a consistently high quality of services to a rapidly growing customer base. In spite of its rapid growth, it is one of the few ISPs that have insignificant network downtime. As part of its long-term strategy of associating its brand with quality, the Company adopted a policy of maintaining high quality. It developed its own proprietary solutions that allowed it to achieve this objective as evidenced by its current success as the leading provider of Internet services in the region.

A Dynamic Team of Skilled Individuals

Cyberia is led by a professional, innovative, and dynamic management team that consists of several operational executives and able technical experts who work jointly to manage operations. This has allowed the Company to adequately oversee every aspect of its dynamic business during phases of rapid expansion. This team approach will be increasingly important as the Company’s scope of work continues to grow.