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Established in 2004, Argela joined Türk Telekom Group in 2007. Argela produces next generation telecommunications solutions, which are sold locally and internationally.

Based in Istanbul, the company also has R&D facilities in Ankara and Sunnyvale, California, USA. While providing solutions and products to Türk Telekom Group companies, Argela also markets its own in-house developed products to overseas telecoms operators. Argela’s solution portfolio includes Internet TV, network performance monitoring, smallcells (3G & LTE), traffic security solutions, smart network and applications, software defined networks, fixed-mobile convergence and mobile number portability.

Through the synergy created with Türk Telekom Group, Argela has implemented major projects such as TTNET WiFi, Mobil Sağlık (Mobile Health) and Fiber Switch. Fiber Switch was initially developed in the company’s R&D center and later commercialized as Turkey's first domestic Fiber Switch product. Currently, it is in widespread use throughout the nation. In addition, an augmented reality mobile museum application, developed by Argela, has launched in Ankara at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

In the domestic market, Argela develops strategic projects with key government ministries. In addition to the Fourth Generation (4G/LTE) Communication System Development (ULAK) Project signed with Undersecretariat for Defense Industries in 2013, the company also works on projects related to the provision of 4G components for public se&urity networks and Software Defined Networks for 5G networks. Similarly, Argela is currently in talks with the Ministry of Transport with regard to various 4G related projects.

The company also carries out a number of cooperation projects with different universities and companies within the framework of the European Union FP7 and Celtic Projects.Contributing to Turkey’s technological development with these R&D activities, Argela is also provided with funding through EU support for its R&D activities.

Argela’s numerous partnerships with various universities in Turkey include new generation projects on 4G networks, Software Defined Networking, Smart Cities, Self-Organizing Mobile Networks, Traffic Security Solutions, Cloud Services and Human Computer Interaction. In collaboration with 15 universities abroad, Argela has filed 13 patent applications in the US.

In order to expand the company’s overseas presence, raise its profile and acquire new customers, Argela established business partnerships in numerous countries in 2014. The company's customer base today spans from the Turkic Republics to Africa, the Middle East and Balkans to the United States.