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Headquartered in Dubai’s DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre) since 2006, Oger Telecom, a private company, is a leading provider of telecommunications and technology services, operating fixed-voice, mobile, broadband, pay television and related businesses through a number of subsidiaries in Turkey, South Africa, the Middle East and other emerging markets. Through strategic investments and long standing partnerships, Oger Telecom continues to deliver best of breed, consumer-oriented services, and is committed to embracing today’s convergent media world where modes of communication and information are perpetually adapting to the demands of citizens, societies and technology itself.

Oger Telecom, through its 55% shareholding in Türk Telekom, is the largest integrated provider of telecommunications services in Turkey. Türk Telekom and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of services to approximately 40 million subscribers in residential, business and wholesale markets within Turkey. The 2G and 3G network of Turk Telekom’s subsidiary Avea covers more than 98% and 85%, respectively, of Turkey’s population and is supported by a vast fiber network that is unmatched in the region. Türk Telekom, through its mobile subsidiary Avea, recently acquired significant spectrum in the 800, 900, 1800, and 2600 MHz bandwidths in furtherance of its LTE deployment strategy, and today enjoys an enviable position so far as its ability to rollout next generation networks offering enhanced coverage, capacity and resilience. This additional spectrum, together with Türk Telekom’s infrastructure and fiber network, allows the delivery of even faster speeds and a richer data experience to meet today’s consumer and business demands. Türk Telekom also provides TV services over IP and DTH platforms to its subscribers, and maintains a leadership position in the provision of ADSL, fiber, WLR and Naked DSL access.

Capitalizing on its geographic position at the interface of two continents, Türk Telekom International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Türk Telekom, provides the full range of Internet and data, infrastructure and wholesale voice services in the CEE region, the Caucasus and the Middle East. Türk Telekom also provides IT consulting and telecommunications product and software services through its subsidiaries Innova and Argela, respectively, as well as operating CRM systems, directory services and call centers through its wholly owned subsidiary AssisTT. In the information/technology services and corporate space Türk Telekom remains the predominant choice for a one stop technology shop for enterprises and government entities, as well as small businesses. Finally, through its subsidiary Sebit, Türk Telekom provides a platform for local and international online educational content.

Oger Telecom’s mobile operations include Cell C, the third largest mobile operator in South Africa which offers a range of mobile communications services to more than 19 million customers.

Oger Telecom provides ADSL, leased line and VPN services and business solutions in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon through the Cyberia Group.

By pursuing innovation and synergies, delivering a premium customer experience and cultivating solid alliances in the territories in which its subsidiaries operate, Oger Telecom is set to continue on its trajectory of growth and value creation for its shareholders, as well as its longstanding contributions to the communities it proudly serves.